The 1st Workshop of Aerial Video Processing (WAVP) Joint with IEEE CVPR 2011

Paper Submission: 18 March 2011
Review Decisions: 15 April 2011
Camera Ready Papers: 29 April 2011
Submission: WAVP 2011 Online Submission System

Program: Workshop of Aerial Video Processing 2011

General Chairs:
Mubarak Shah, University of Central Florida
Gerard Medioni, University of South California
Program Chairs:
Horst Bischof, Graz University of Technology, email: bischof at icg.tugraz.at
Jiangjian Xiao, Ningbo Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chinese Academy sciences, email: xiaojj at nimte.ac.cn
Qian Yu, Sarnoff Corporation, email: qyu at sarnoff.com
Program Committee:
Xiaochun Cao, Tianjian University, email: xcao at tju.edu.cn
Jian Cheng, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy sciences, email: jcheng at nplr.ia.ac.cn
Isabelle Herlin, INRIA, email: Isabelle.Herlin at inria.fr
Omar Javed, Sarnoff Corporation, email: ojaved at sarnoff.com
Marc Pollefeys ETH, email: marc.pollefeys at inf.ethz.ch
Khurram Shafique, Object Video, kshafique at gmail.com
Yaser Ajmal Sheikh, Carnegie Mellon University, email: yaser at cs.cmu.edu
Alexei N. Skurikhin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, email: alexei at lanl.gov
Nong Sang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, email: nsang at hust.edu.cn
Ashit Taulukder, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA, California Institute of Technology, email: ashit.talukder at jpl.nasa.gov
Lu Wang, Sarnoff Corporation, email: lwang at sarnoff.com
Josiane Zerubia INRIA, email: Josiane.Zerubia at sophia.inria.fr
Jiejie Zhu, MIT and UCF, email: jjzhu at cs.ucf.edu
Zhigang Zhu, City College of New York, email: zhu at cs.ccny.cuny.edu
Invited speakers:
We plan to have two keynote speakers, one from GIS community and another one from vision community in the morning and afternoon session respectively.
Workshop Goals:
There is a resurgence of aerial data due to novel flight platforms (e.g. Micro aerial vehicles), novel digital sensors and demanding applications such as detailed 3D models of the world on the internet. Aerial data acquired from various sensors provides new capabilities for understanding the scene structure and activities on the ground from a different viewing aspect. Today large areas in the world are being captured daily from the air in various applications, the collected aerial video data increases dramatically and an automatic information extraction process is desperately needed to interpret the data for scene and object level understanding in those applications.
The workshop continues in the vein of 1st IEEE workshop on video registration (with ICCV’01) and 2nd Workshop on Image and Video Registration (with CVPR’04), and broadens the research studies in all areas related to aerial video processing. The goal of this workshop is to encourage interdisciplinary interaction and collaborations from computer vision, geography, graphics, and visualization to create more applications in those domains. New results and applications will be discussed at the workshop, and specify open problems and major directions of further development in the field of aerial video processing.
Call for papers
Papers describing novel and original research are solicited in the areas related to aerial video processing and applications. Some topics include (but are certainly not limited to):
· Aerial video registration and stabilization.
· Geo-spatial applications related to aerial video.
· Aerial video archiving, indexing and retrieving.
· Structure and motion from aerial video.
· Urban modeling from aerial video
· Multi-modality aerial data fusion
· Content extraction from aerial video
· Object detection, tracking and recognition in aerial video
· Event and activity analysis of aerial video
Remember that this is a workshop, and submitted papers may or may not present ideas that do not yet have comprehensive experimental support. Papers do not necessarily have to describe fully developed algorithms or significant results (unlike most papers accepted to the primary PAMI TC conferences CVPR or ICCV). Submitted papers must follow the same format as the primary conferences.
Registration information will be provided in the main CVPR 2011 page.

Best Paper Awards
Andreas Wendel, Arnold Irschara, Horst Bischof, "Automatic Alignment of 3D Reconstructions using a Digital Surface Model".